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History of the AOM Benefits Trust

Since our earliest days, the Association of Ontario Midwives Benefits Trust (AOMBT) has always been about midwives supporting midwives.

In the 1990s, midwifery was growing and became a regulated profession in Ontario. In recognition of the need to support midwives' health and wellness, a committee was struck under the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM) Board of Directors; the Benefits Committee for midwives provided basic benefits and RRSP contributions.

Growing our Capacity to Support Midwives

As the midwifery profession grew and became increasingly instilled into the Ontario health care system, our founding members identified a need to form a separate Trust. This was informed by the creation of a Trust Agreement. The formation of the Association of Ontario Midwives Benefits Trust marked our establishment as a separate entity from the AOM.

We grew rapidly over the next ten years, expanding our offerings and bolstering our financial sustainability.

Here are a few important milestones that led us to where we are now.

History of the  AOM Benefits Trust

2009: Sustainability grant funding received from the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, which has continued and funds the midwives’ Parental Leave Program.


2010: Initiation of our Group Retirement Savings Plan, giving members to an investment plan with highly competitive fees and financial education tools.


2011: Redesign of our Member Information Report, providing midwives with fulsome benefits funding reporting and transparent communication.


2012: Hiring an Executive Director and starting to build what is now a fully staffed organization.


2013: Introduction of benefits plan for AOM staff and practice admin staff.


2015: Launch of a new internal benefits administration system and introduction of in-house administration of benefits.


2016: Partnership to offer benefits plan to Toronto Birth Centre employees.


2018: Celebration of 10 years of supporting midwives, as a Trust.

Today, led by our Trustees, we support the security, health and wellness of all midwives in Ontario and their families. We also serve as a benefits provider for other employer groups in the midwifery community, including practice administrative staff, the Toronto Birth Centre, the AOM staff, and our own AOMBT employees.

We continue to set our sights on continuous quality improvement, equitable service delivery and governance, and meeting our members’ needs. See our Strategic Plan for our current priorities and plans for the future.