The Association of Ontario Midwives Benefits (AOMBT) is governed by a group of 10 Trustees and was created to provide oversight of the administration of a benefits program on behalf of plan members.

Current AOMBT Committees

Finance and Audit Committee

Krista Fairles, RM (Chair)
Adriana Fontaine, RM
Andrea Mills, RM
Madeleine Clin, RM (ex-officio, Chair of the Trust)

Equity and Governance Committee

Jane Erdman, RM (Chair)
Kim Alderdice, RM
Juana Berinstein, AOM Interim Executive Director
Madeleine Clin, RM (ex-officio, Chair of the Trust)

Member Services Committee

Courtney Graham, RM (Chair)
Ashley Lickers, RM
Madeleine Clin, RM (ex-officio, Chair of the Trust)

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Interested in becoming a Trustee?

Required attributes for governing the organization as stated by the Governance Committee are:

  • Strategic - Clear understanding of the role of governance, which does not include operations decisions. The candidate has experience with or is comfortable with governance as distinct from a management role.  Able to contribute to the development and execution of our strategic plans, long-range thinking.
  • Communication skills - Able to share ideas, and to speak on key issues is important. The ability provide input and display strong listening skills; attitude of appreciative inquiry.
  • Commitment - The candidate must be willing to make at least a 3 year commitment and participate regularly in Committee and Trustee meetings. Meetings are held predominantly via teleconference, with 2 in-person meetings per year requiring off-call time.

To learn more about Trustee elections and AOMBT's governance, or to contact any of our Trustees, please email