Monthly Invoice Submission Process

This page is intended to guide practices through the submission of monthly benefits funding invoices to the AOMBT.

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MONTHLY INVOICE SUBMISSION: A Process Guide for Practices


This Process Guide was developed to assist individuals who are submitting monthly invoices for benefits funding. In order to collect benefit funding for the purposes of paying midwives’ benefit premiums, each midwifery practice is required to remit monthly invoices to the AOMBT. This processing guide provides detailed instructions on how to remit the monthly invoices.


The following is a check list of practice monthly responsibilities:

  • Invoices must be uploaded to the AOMBT invoice submission website by the end of the business day on the 5th of every month
  • If there are no billings for the month, please send an e-mail to stating: ‘practice # [number] has no billings for the month of [month name]’; please do not submit a blank invoice
  • Please note that the administration system can only accept a current invoice for processing. For any corrections or adjustments to historical practice invoices (including if a previous invoice was not submitted to the AOMBT for processing), please process all changes within the BORN system so that the current invoice reflects all adjusted values. If this is not possible, contact the AOMBT for assistance.
  • Ensure that funds are in the practice account on the 15th of every month.

Timing and Late Fees:

In order to ensure that benefit premiums for midwives can be paid in a timely manner, invoices must be uploaded to the AOMBT invoice submission website by the 5th of every month to avoid any late fees. If the 5th business day falls on a statutory holiday or weekend, upload the invoice on the first business day after the 5th. The AOMBT emails all practices on the 3rd and 5th of every month to remind them to upload their invoices.

Note:  Any practice that does not submit their monthly invoice or payment is subject to a late fee for every month the invoice and/or payment is not remitted to the AOMBT by the submission deadline. For more information, please review the Late or Non-Payment of Benefits Funds policy. After the second month of being in arrears (owing invoices and/or payment), the AOM is notified that the members of the practice are not in compliance with Article 4.6 of the AOM Constitution. Upon this notification, the member revocation process is started for every member within the practice who is in arrears. A practice is allowed one late payment a year before the late fees are applied.

How to Submit Monthly Invoices:

Please note that the invoice submission website requires the use of either Internet Explorer 10+ or Google Chrome. Google Chrome is free for download:

1. The practice must download the submitted invoice from the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) website by logging into the Midwifery Reporting System. If you have any questions or issues with the Midwifery Reporting System (BORN), please contact: Vivian Holmberg ( or Heather Olszewski (

2. At the top of the Reporting Form, go to the “QUERY” tab.

3. Select the report named “AOM Report by Month”. Click RUN.

4. Enter the date in the prompt window at top left: YYYY/MM (please use this exact format when entering the date). The information for the AOM Benefits Report will be available.  

5. In order to submit to the AOM Benefits Trust, the practice must export the data into an Excel spreadsheet. Click “Export to Excel”.

6. Open the Excel file that becomes available and click “File” and then “Save As”

7. When the dialog box appears (as shown below), save the file as a Microsoft Office Excel Workbook (*.xls) with the following naming convention:  MPG.practicenumber.YRMM. For example, midwifery practice group #200 using the Secondary Fee Incentive option A submitting an invoice for July 2015 would save their file as: MPG.200.201507.A. Please be sure to use four digits for the year (example: 2015) and two digits for the month (01 for January, etc.). In order for the administration system to properly process the practice invoice, it is critically important that the above file naming convention be carefully followed. If you are unsure which Secondary Fee Incentive option your practice uses, please contact us at

IN ORDER TO AVOID MANUAL ERRORS, NO FORMATTING CHANGES SHOULD BE MADE TO THE SHEET (e.g. deleting columns, changing the format of the columns, renaming the columns) INVOICES MUST BE SAVED USING THE EXACT FORMAT FOR THE FILE NAME SHOWN: MPG.PracticeNumber.YYYYMM.SecondaryFeeIncentive]

8. Save to the appropriate location (typically c:\).

9. Log onto the AOMBT invoice submission website at:

10. Enter your username and password as provided by the AOMBT. If you do not know your username and/or password, please contact the AOMBT as soon as possible for assistance.

11. Click Enter. You should now see the main page (below). Click on FILE SERVICES.

12. This will take you to the FILE SERVICES main page. Click on UPLOAD FILES (bottom left corner).

13. Click Browse to locate the file saved on your computer.

14. Double click on the current monthly practice invoice to be uploaded.

15. Click the checkmark to upload the file.

16. If you need to upload an older invoice or make an adjustment to the current invoice, please contact the AOMBT for assistance. Note that practice invoices that are older than the current billing period will not be processed through the system, and will require AOMBT assistance.  

17. When your current practice invoice file has been uploaded, it will be visible within the import screen:

18. To view what you have uploaded, double-click on the files from the File Import page (‘download’ section).

Note: The process of uploading your invoice should take 5-10 minutes.  

Practice Invoice Upload Validations:

With the introduction of the new practice invoice upload system, the AOMBT would like to advise users that some programming has been introduced to automatically read and validate the monthly practice invoices.  The programming is in place to ensure that the benefits funding information being received and processed for midwives is current and accurate.  Some examples of the validation steps that the system will automatically check upon upload of a practice invoice are:  

Ensuring that the invoice being uploaded is current (i.e. it is not a historical invoice or prior billing period).
That no duplicate invoices are being processed.
That funding being received for a midwife on an invoice aligns with the practice location information listed in the AOMBT administration system.

If you receive a failure or warning notice upon uploading a practice invoice in any given month, please do not be alarmed, as the system is doing its job in validating the files.  If your practice invoice fails, please contact the AOMBT for assistance.

Monthly Invoice Submission – No Billings:

If the practice has no billings for the month, please send an email stating: ‘practice # [number] has no billings for the month of [month name]’ to; please do not submit a blank invoice.

 If at any time you have trouble or have any questions about uploading invoices, please contact the AOMBT: Toll-free in Ontario: 1-866-418-3773 Tel: 416-425-9974 Fax: 416-921-6556 Email:


The following are important monthly deadlines:

  • 30th of the month: upload MOH invoice to MOH website
  • Before the 5th of the month: the previous month’s invoice must be uploaded to the AOMBT’s invoice submission website
  • 15th of the month: funds must be in practice account to be transferred to AOMBT

For questions related to the invoice upload process or benefits questions, contact Cheryl Ramos ( | 1.866.418.3773 Ext. 2220).