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Ready for a rainy day?

February 12, 2021 | Filed under Public, Midwives.

Ready for a rainy day?

For midwife plan members, the Leave Savings program provides a way to feel confident that you have funds set aside in the event you have insufficient benefits funding to pay premiums, or you need to be away from active practice for an extended period of time. 

Think of your leave savings account as a rainy-day fund. Most financial advisors recommend you have three months’ income set aside in case you have to stop work for any reason. Leave Savings provides you that opportunity. Whether you want to top up your earnings while on Parental Leave, need income during the disability waiting period, or want to take a leave of two months or more for any reason, your Leave Savings account is a way to prepare for your rainy day.

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It’s RRSP time!

February 11, 2021 | Filed under Public, Midwives, Other.

It’s RRSP time!

You have until March 1, 2021, to contribute to your RRSP and lower your taxes and your taxable income for 2020—you might even get a tax refund! 

Here’s how:

  1. Login to 
  2. Select My transactions and then Contribute.

Under Lump-sum and recurring contributions, click the green New contribution button and follow the instructions. 

Make sure you don’t exceed your contribution limit. Check your RRSP contribution room on your latest Notice of Assessment, or online at Canada Revenue Agency.

Register now! Tax Time for Midwives, updated for the 2020 tax year!

February 5, 2021 | Filed under Public, Midwives.

Register now! Tax Time for Midwives, updated for the 2020 tax year!

Are you ready for tax season? On Thursday, February 18, watch for the return of our popular annual Tax Time for Midwives webinar, with CPA Susan Morrison. Register now! Even if you cannot make the live session, complete the registration form and a recording will be emailed to you after the live session.

Presented by Susan Morrison, a CPA who knows all about midwives' unique financial situations, Tax Time for Midwives, updated for the 2020 Tax year, will help you get the most out of your tax return.

Straight from AOMBT’s member Survey #2

February 4, 2021 | Filed under Public.

Straight from AOMBT’s member Survey #2

Did you know?

623 members (that's 51%) have responded to our surveys so far!

75% report they now have a better understanding of mental health resources available through their benefits plan!

Read more about what members are saying in this one-page summary.

Survey #3 is scheduled to be sent to members early the week of February 8. Stay tuned for further details on the feedback of Survey #3 and an overall report of survey outcomes from all three surveys.

COVID-19: SSQ Insurance travel coverage update

January 18, 2021 | Filed under Public.

COVID-19: SSQ Insurance travel coverage update

Although the best protection is to limit travel, SSQ Insurance will continue to support members who must travel despite the current advisories.  

Please find the following update regarding the various insurance coverages for our policyholders who are currently travelling

  • Costs for mandatory COVID-19 screening tests, performed at the request of a government authority before returning to Canada, are not covered by travel insurance.
  • Additional costs incurred while waiting for COVID-19 test results, performed at the request of a government authority, are not covered (for example, costs for a new place ticket, change fees for an existing ticket, accommodation or living expenses, etc.)
  • If the result of a mandatory COVID-19 screening test is positive, additioinal costs incurred may be eligible for reimbursement.

For additional information, please refer to your booklet the SSQ Insurance FAQ

Holiday closure

December 22, 2020 | Filed under Public.

The AOM Benefits Trust will be closed for the upcoming holidays. Our last day will be Wednesday, December 23, 2020, and we will re-open Monday, January 4, 2021. You will still be able to submit claims online by contacting SSQ Insurance during this time, or for inquiries about your Investments, please contact Desjardins.

From all of us here at the Trust, and for those celebrating various observances, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Desjardins deadlines for 2020 withdrawal requests

December 17, 2020 | Filed under Public, Midwives, Other.

Desjardins deadlines for 2020 withdrawal requests

The purpose of the Group RRSP is to help you save for your retirement, so think carefully before making a withdrawal. However, if you do decide to make a  withdrawal, for the income to count towards the 2020 fiscal year, you need to take certain deadlines into account, depending on how you make your withdrawal request:

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Introducing Beneva

December 15, 2020 | Filed under Public.

Introducing Beneva

In January 2020, SSQ Insurance and La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services, two companies of similar size with complementary operations, announced their intention to join forces. The merger was approved in June of 2020, and on December 3, 2020, they announced the name of their new venture: Beneva.

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MIR Coming Soon!

December 11, 2020 | Filed under Public, Midwives.

With the end of the calendar year coming soon, we’ll be working to prepare your annual Member Information Report (MIR). It’s a good time to log into your Plan Member Portal, where you can review your benefits coverage, monthly premiums, Leave Savings Account balance, and benefits arrears. Need to update your contact or other information? Fill out an Enrolment/Change form, and we’ll take care of it!

Cyberattack at La Capitale/SSQ’s partner

December 7, 2020 | Filed under Public.

Over the weekend, the Trust was advised that La Capitale, SSQ Insurance’s new partner, experienced a cyber attack. All of La Capitale’s systems were immediately shut down, including SSQ Insurance systems, as an additional precautionary measure.

In follow-up with our contacts at SSQ Insurance, we have been reassured that no AOMBT plan member data has been compromised.

You may have experienced difficulties in submitting claims over the weekend due to these precautionary measures. If this is the case, please resubmit any claims that you believe were not successfully processed. All member claims submitted by provincial pharmacies were not impacted.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have further questions in this regard.