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Videos from Desjardins to help you plan for retirement and understand your GRSP

July 13, 2018 | Filed under Public.

NEW from our Group Retirement Savings Plan provider, Desjardins: A series of videos to support you in understanding your investments, getting the most out of the Desjardins website, and preparing for the future.

Completing your Investor Profile on the DFS website is the first step toward setting your financial wellness goals

Understand why making regular contributions adds up over time
When it comes to retirement saving, the earlier you start, the better

When it comes to retirement planning, one size doesn't fit all

Wondering if you're on target to reach your retirement savings goals?

A quick video explaining how to read - and understand - your DFS statement

Consider how you spend money today and how saving even just a bit of it can lead to better things in the future

Choosing your investment path can be simple. Learn more about the Lifecycle Paths.


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