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Do you have a financial plan? Don’t wait any longer to make an appointment!

June 28, 2021 | Filed under Public.

Do you have a financial plan? Don’t wait any longer to make an appointment!

The AOMBT supports the financial, physical, and mental wellbeing of you and your family members, throughout your lives.

Based on the recent AOMBT member survey, 83% of respondents were definitely or possibly interested in receiving financial planning services through Desjardins.

In collaboration with Desjardins, the AOMBT is now piloting a free financial planning service. It will be made available for 50 AOMBT members on a first-come, first-served limited basis. Should this pilot be a success, this service will then be available to all AOMBT members later in 2021.

This service complements the investment program offered to you by AOMBT and is confidential, free of charge and will be provided by a dual-licensed advisor from Desjardins Financial Services Investments Inc. (DFSI). There are no obligations from you.

Regardless of your stage in life, financial planning can ensure you manage your day-to-day needs while saving for important milestones. During your individual meeting with an advisor, you can ask questions and seek input from a knowledgeable professional on topics like:

  • How can I accelerate my overall savings?
  • What are my options and what best serves my particular situation
  • How can I reach my life goals?
  • What are my options upon retirement?

Want to learn more about this opportunity? Set up your first one-on-one financial service virtual appointment today by sending an email to Please enter your complete contact information in the email. You'll receive a response from DFSI within 2 business days.


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