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New Insurance Carrier for AOMBT: SSQ Insurance

July 31, 2019 | Filed under Public.

AOMBT Trustees are excited to announce our new benefits carrier: SSQ Insurance.

As the 6th largest life insurer in the country and celebrating their 75th anniversary, SSQ is a  Canadian company with working-class roots. They have grown to serve more than 3 million customers, with 2,000 employees, and $12 billion in assets – a success story and beacon of hope for all those who subscribe to cooperative ideals. Their mutual ownership structure provides a distinct advantage for partners such as the AOM Benefits Trust and our plan members, as SSQ doesn’t have the same external pressures as other insurance carriers to produce year-over-year returns. Their commitment is to their clients. SSQ has an added commitment to social responsibility which is reflected in their corporate culture and business practices, with a strong emphasis on community and environmental issues.

SSQ serves numerous hospital groups and health professional associations across Canada and are committed to deepening their understanding of the complex needs of being a midwife. They have a strong track record of longstanding client relationships resulting from cost-effective, innovative benefit plans that meet the needs of plan members and their families.

Trustees are confident that with the attributes noted above, SSQ, as a wholly Canadian company with women in senior leadership roles, will be a great fit for Ontario midwives and all AOMBT plan members for years to come.

A reminder that short and long-term disability for midwife plan members only will transfer to SSQ effective August 1st. All other benefits for AOMBT plan members will be transitioning to SSQ effective October 1st, 2019. More information and specifics about our new plan including cost of benefit premiums will be provided soon. For Practice Partners with administrative staff, please share the news with your staff who are on the benefits plan.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Kelly Gascoigne, Chair, AOMBT at or Nicole Mellin, Executive Director, AOMBT at or by calling: 416.425.9974 or 1.866.418.3773 Ext. 2281


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