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Ready for a rainy day?

February 12, 2021 | Filed under Public, Midwives.

Ready for a rainy day?

For midwife plan members, the Leave Savings program provides a way to feel confident that you have funds set aside in the event you have insufficient benefits funding to pay premiums, or you need to be away from active practice for an extended period of time. 

Think of your leave savings account as a rainy-day fund. Most financial advisors recommend you have three months’ income set aside in case you have to stop work for any reason. Leave Savings provides you that opportunity. Whether you want to top up your earnings while on Parental Leave, need income during the disability waiting period, or want to take a leave of two months or more for any reason, your Leave Savings account is a way to prepare for your rainy day.

Check out the Leave Savings Cheat Sheet for an overview of the program, and fill out the Enrolment Form when you're ready to get started. 


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