Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP)

Member and Family Assistance Program

The mission of the AOM Benefits Trust is to support the financial, physical, and mental wellbeing of plan members and their families throughout their lives. One aspect of this support is our Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP).

The MFAP is a member benefit program that assists members with personal problems and/or work-related problems that may impact work performance, health, or mental and emotional wellbeing.

In addition to short-term, solution-focused counselling, the MFAP offers financial planning and legal advice, and nutritional counselling.

Until January 31, 2021, this program is offered through provider HumanaCare. Read the HumanaCare welcome letter for information on how to access services, or visit to learn more.

Starting February 1, 2021, MFAP services will be provided by Optima Global Health, in partnership with SSQ Insurance. Call 1-877-480-2240 to access services, or email