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Vision, Mission & Strategic Plan

Our mission

The AOMBT supports the financial, physical, and mental wellbeing of plan members and their families throughout their lives. We provide an exemplary, responsive, internally equitable and externally competitive benefits program.

Our vision

Security, Health, and Wellness for the midwifery community

Strategic directions and priorities

  • Member Services: Collaborate with members in providing service that is equitable and responsive to members’ needs
  • Operational Excellence: Strengthen and invest in people, processes, and technologies
  • Equity & Governance: Reflect equity and diversity in governance and service delivery of the trust
  • Future Readiness: Design and deliver innovative solutions to prepare for changing landscape

To learn more about our priorities and future direction, view our Strategic Priorities & Projects.

Our values

  1. The Trustees are accountable to plan members.
  2. The Trustees are mandated by the Trust Agreement to be ethically, fiscally, and legally responsible for the AOMBT.
  3. The Trustees use best practices and exercise prudence and due diligence in managing the benefits plan and investment options.
  4. The Trustees ensure that the AOMBT is financially sustainable.
  5. As an organization, the AOM Benefits Trust is member-focused and works to establish flexible, accessible, appropriate and responsive benefits and services, which meet the needs of plan members.
  6. The AOM Benefits Trust provides a balance between collective sharing and individual choice.
  7. The AOM Benefits Trust values and embraces the principles of dignity and diversity in every facet of the work that is undertaken.
  8. The AOM Benefits Trust engages plan members in the development of strategic goals.
  9. The AOM Benefits Trust keeps plan members informed about the work of the AOMBT through regular communication.
  10. The AOM Benefits Trust honours the needs of plan members at various life stages.
What We Offer