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Funding Model

In addition to your Billable Courses of Care (BCC) income, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provides benefits funding. This amounts to an additional 20% on top of your BCC income. This funding is earmarked specifically for your benefits plan—health and dental, life and disability insurance, leave savings, retirement savings plan—to make sure you have access to support when you need it. Originally negotiated as part of the MOHLTC midwifery funding agreement, participation in the AOMBT benefits plan is mandatory.

Submit your invoices to the Trust

Monthly, your benefits funding is directed to your practice or the practice under which you performed the work, along with your BCC income. Your midwifery practice group is responsible for submitting an invoice to the Trust by the 5th of each month to ensure your benefits premiums are paid. Your practice may also need to submit an Interpractice Care Agreement (ICA) if you’re working in tandem with another practice group.

Just like your BCC income, your benefits funding amount will vary from month to month. The monthly cost of your benefits premiums depends on your selected family status (i.e. single, couple/two-party or family), annual earnings, and any additional insurance coverage you selected. You can find out your monthly fixed benefits premiums by logging into the portal.

When remitted to the Trust, staff prepare calculations to cover specific costs. First, a mandatory 10% service fee is deducted monthly from your benefits funding followed by the cost of your monthly benefit premiums calculated based on your specific instructions and whether you chose a single, couple/single parent, or family coverage.

Next, benefits funding is directed towards the Leave Savings and/or Wellness Spending Account (WSA) program if you chose to participate in these elective programs. Any remaining funds are then contributed to your Investments which include a GRSP, non-registered account, or TFSA.

Because the choices you make about your benefits coverage and leave savings directly affect how much of your benefits funding is available to contribute to your Investments, it’s important to consider how your 20% benefits funding can best meet your needs, both now and in the future.

Funding Model

Investments (member login required)

The Trust offers a variety of investment possibilities—find out what works for you.

Leave Savings program (member login required)

A way for midwives to set aside funds for the future, in case you need to take time off work.

Wellness Spending Account (member login required)

A way for midwives to set aside funds for their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

Benefits arrears (member login required)

Find out how you are affected by fluctuating income.

Non-participating members (member login required)

For midwives working in an Expanded Midwifery Care Model (EMCM), Midwifery Education Program (MEP), or fewer than ten BCCs.