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Meet Our Trustees

The Association of Ontario Midwives Benefits Trust is governed by a group of 10 Trustees with a mandate to deliver a best-in-class benefits plan and retirement savings plan for midwives in Ontario. Additionally, the benefits plan is offered to a number of employer groups connected to the midwifery community in Ontario.

Trustees are elected to serve for three-year terms. All midwives who are in good standing with the AOM are eligible to vote.

Responsible for Oversight

Trustees have fiduciary, strategic and legal responsibility for oversight of the AOM Benefits Trust. The Trustees are midwives and plan members like you, and as midwives, are committed to offering benefits and investments that are responsive to members' needs.

Krista Fairles, RM

Position: Chair, Finance and Audit Committee Chair, Trustee

Organization: Midwifery Care North Don River Valley

Committees: Finance and Audit Committee

Prior to entering midwifery, Krista trained and worked as a molecular biologist at the Universities of Guelph and Calgary. Although her training gave her a strong foundation in analytical thinking, she found that the constant solitude of the lab bench did not suit her collaborative personality. She is well-versed in personal risk management, asset allocation, tax and estate planning. She brings teaching experience as a preceptor in the MEP, as well as experience with AOM CPG development and the SOGC Genetics Committee.

Kim Alderdice, RM

Position: Equity and Governance Committee Chair, Trustee

Organization: Midland Midwives by the Bay

Committees: Equity and Governance Committee

Prior to midwifery, Kim pursued a commerce degree from the University of Guelph with an eye on the corporate world. While in school, she founded a private swim school with a focus on one-to-one teaching, and realized her passion for supporting families in smaller communities. Her childhood dream of delivering babies then re-emerged and she was accepted into McMaster's Midwifery Program. After graduation, she worked in Mississauga before heading north to Simcoe County in 2016. Kim loves tax time, budgeting, and finances. When she's not on call, she enjoys reading, bike riding, and camping with friends and family. Kim looks forward to serving her midwifery colleagues in this capacity.

Jane Erdman, RM

Position: Trustee

Organization: Retired (formerly Womancare Midwives)

Committees: Finance and Audit Committee

Jane graduated from Conestoga College’s nursing program in 1977. She brings with her 17 years’ experience as a critical care nurse, specializing in cardiovascular nursing. Jane obtained a B.Sc. in Human Biology from U of T in 1989, followed by a B.H.Sc. in Midwifery from Ryerson in 1996. She was a preceptor for the Midwifery Education Programme from1997 until 2019. Jane was the first recipient of the Award for Excellence in Clinical Precepting in 2013. Jane practiced with Womancare Midwives in London from 1996 until 2019 during which time they expanded from a 2-midwife practice to a 15-midwife practice. Jane joined her MEP preceptor Elana Johnson as a senior practice partner in 1997 and assumed the role of financial oversight. She was one of the 9 original AOMBT Trustees and has also served as the Treasurer and as a Member at Large on the AOM Board (2006 – 2011). She also served as Treasurer and Executive Board member on the CAM Board (2010-2020). She has been a member of the AOM Audit committee since 2009 and a returning Trustee since 2016. Since retiring from Midwifery practice, Jane spends her time sleeping through the night and gardening from early spring until late fall.

Althea Jones, RM

Position: Trustee

Organization: Association of Ontario Midwives

Committees: Member Services Committee

Althea Jones is a graduate of the Ryerson MEP, and prior to midwifery, earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Arizona where she attended on a soccer scholarship. Althea worked in North York and took a leave from clinical practice to focus on entrepreneurship and a Black maternal health initiative. In addition to the AOMBT, Althea recently joined the AOM Board of Directors and is excited to contribute to midwifery in a new way through these two positions.

Andrea Mills, RM

Position: Member Services Committee Chair, Trustee

Organization: Alongside Midwifery Unit/Locum

Committees: Member Services Committee

Andrea has been a registered midwife in Ontario since 2011. Prior to this, she completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a diploma in benefits administration, and worked in various business roles for twenty years, with experience in pensions & benefits, accounting, administration, and human resources. She was previously a trustee with the AOMBT from 2012-2019.

Emily Roth, RM

Position: Trustee

Organization: Midland Midwives By the Bay

Committees: TBD

Emily grew up in a family of self-employed individuals, which primed her to think creatively with respect to finances as a midwife. She has grown her financial literacy through hours of listening to podcasts, reading blogs and emails about finance. Her perspective as a self-taught financially literate person will benefit members who, like her, do not have a background in finance or business. Emily wants all members to feel as though they understand their finances as they relate to the AOMBT, and trust that decisions continue to be made with the needs of members top of mind. She believes that financial security is one of the basic human needs, and one that the AOMBT should strive to prioritize.

Jamiena Shah, RM

Position: Trustee

Organization: Uxbridge Community Midwives

Committees: Member Services Committee

As an internationally trained midwife of the South Asian diaspora, Jamiena has worked as a midwife in the USA and has served as a volunteer grant review board member for the Ontario Trillium Foundation. She has a Master’s degree in inter-cultural service, leadership and management and 10+ years working in the non-profit and NGO sectors as a project administrator, project manager. Jamiena has also worked alongside other allied health professionals (naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, traditional Chinese medicine, herbalists) while a midwife in the USA, and can offer a diverse lens of understanding in our discussions when deciding how to structure our benefits plans.

Kelly Stadelbauer, RN, BScN, MBA

Position: Executive Director

Organization: Association of Ontario Midwives

Committees: Equity and Governance Committee