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The Association of Ontario Midwives Benefits Trust (AOMBT) website offers user-friendly, relevant forms, documents and information resources for AOMBT plan members.  For your security, plan members will need to log in to confirm their identity to access plan member-specific resources.

Common queries

How does my benefits funding work?
Where can I get information on disability, parental, or general leaves?
How do I add or remove a spouse/partner or child(ren)?
Do I have coverage when I travel?
How do I submit claims?
How can I find out if my prescription or paramedical practitioner is covered?
Where do I go to check on my retirement savings?
Can our practice offer benefits to administrative staff?

New Resource: Disability Leaves Roadmap for Ontario Midwives. Intended to provide an overview of the disability leaves process and an outline of the steps required before, during, and after a disability leave. We encourage all midwives to review the Disability Leaves Roadmap; being familiar with the disability process now could help you and other midwives in your practice in the future.